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Примирение непримиримого в личности и культуре. Владислав Ходасевич и Марина Цветаева

  1. Jelena Jewdokimowa


Reconciling of irreconcilable contradictions by efforts of personality and culture. Vladislav Hodasevich and Marina Tsvetaeva

The author raises the question of the correlation of Russian and Polish poetry component in two large Russian poets — Vladislav Hodasevich and Marina Tsvetaeva. They both have Polish origin, recognize and value it. At the same time, they write poems in the language of the country where they were born and live. Thus, in the cultural sphere homeland may just be the land and house. The issue is even more visible if the poet does not just refer to people but to God. The position of these poets can serve as a model: it helps to remove the contradictions that seem irreconcilable motivated by politics and history.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

160, 2015

Strony od 75 do 84

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