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Bohuslav Reynek — samotář z Petrkova

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Bohuslav Reynek — aloner from Petrkov

The article’s aim is to present as well as life and characterize works by aChristian poet Bohuslav Reynek. It also discusses the perception of Reynek’s poetry and its translation into other languages, especially Polish. During the poet’s life the following volumes of poetry were published: Žízně, Sníh na zápraží, Mráz v okně, Podzimní motýli and Odlet vlaštovek. Apart from his own writing, he also translated from the French and German.
Reynek together with his wife Susanne Renaud has gained in popularity recently, an association has even been launched whose mission is to retrieve the memory about both artists. Bohuslav Reynek’s works are among the most often interpreted in the Czech circles of music artists, beside e.g. Jan Skácel.
The author of the article has been dealing with Reynekʼs oeuvre since 1992, when he published an article on banned and forgotten writers in the Region journal. Although Bohuslav Reynek passed away in 1971, we can posit that he is an immortal poet.

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