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Восприятие космоса. Что такое имагинация или алхимический код в Русских ночах Владимира Одоевского

  1. Diana Oboleńska


The sense of space, or what the imaginationis. Alchemical code in the novel The Russian Nights by V. Odoevsky

The novel The Russian Nights (1844) proved to be a kind of philosophical and pictorial manifesto of Vladimir Odoevsky. The idea of ‘totality’ (целостность), conceived as a structure of internal and external world at the same time, was presented by the author in the concepts drawn from a variety of philosophical and esoteric systems. One of these forms — alchemical imagination — is used in the article to interpret the phenomenon of correlation that exists between the senses and the creative perception of space.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

158, 2014

Strony od 49 do 58

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