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Editors’ introduction: Development of agenda-setting theory and research. Between West and East

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agenda-setting research, first level, second level, theory and research, Central Europe

On the way to dumbing down… The case of Central Europe

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Central Europe, Western Europe, foreign ownership, German publishing houses, entertainment journalism, EU enlargement, commercialization/tabloidization, “dumbing down”

Rewizje, lustracje, banicje. O niektórych genderowych zjawiskach i aspektach konstruowania kanonu literackiego w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej

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canon, anticanon, postcanon, gender, discourse of canon in Central and Eastern Europe, gay literature, queer literature in Central Europe, канон, антиканон, постканон, гендер, канонический дискурс в Средней и Восточной Европе, гей-литература, квир-теория в Средней Европе

Nederlandse letterkunde als Belgische literatuur. Over de weg van de Duitse uitgever Anton Kippenberg naar Vlaanderen in de Grote Oorlog en de weg van de Nederlandstalige Vlaamse letteren naar Centraal-Europa in de vroege twintigste eeuw

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Belgium, Flanders, Dutch–French literature, Central Europe, World War I

Vlaamse literatuur in vertaling in Centraal-Europa tot WO I

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Flemish literature, Central Europe, translation, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak

Al Jazeera in Central European media: 9/11 and the “Arab Spring” compared

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Al Jazeera, 9/11, “Arab Spring, ” print content, Central Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Libya

Central European states from a conservative perspective in the period 1990–2004


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Central Europe, transition, transformation, conservatism, economic dimension, Central Europe, neoconservatism

Europa Środkowa — od idei literacko-kawiarnianej do koncepcji politycznych


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Europa Środkowa, integracja, instytucjonalizacja, Central Europe, integration, institutionalisation


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