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Hofstadter et les paradoxes de la traduction

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Hofstadter, Douglas R., paradox, vulgarization, French-English

Reverse Lexical Transfer in a Multilingual’s Spoken Production in her Native Language

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reverse lexical transfer, cross-linguistic influence, third or additional languages (L3+), multilingualism, multicompetence, Polish, English, German, French

Bluetooth, EcoLine, Woooooow! und mehr. Zu Gebrauch und Funktionen von Anglizismen in der deutschen Anzeigenwerbung

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language of advertising, Anglicisms, functions of borrowings from the English language in advertising messages

Spotkanie kultur — spotkanie gestów. O rozumieniu wybranych brytyjskich gestów emblematycznych przez Polaków uczących się języka angielskiego


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British emblematic gestures, decoding British emblems by Poles, nonverbal communication in glottodidactics, Polish-British nonverbal communication, successful intercultural communication, Poles learning English

Old English Causative Alternation: The Transitivity of „openian” and „drỳgean”


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causative alternation, detransitivization, causativization, Old English

Interscript comparison of handwriting features leading to their identification and authorship


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unfamiliar, script, forensic examination, handwriting, Punjabi, Hindi, English

The Tension between Heroic Masculinity and the Christian Self in the Old English Andreas


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Andreas, Old English poetry, gender studies, hagiography, Anglo-Saxon England

Detektywi wiecznie żywi


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literatura kryminalna, początki kryminału, historia literatury, literatura angielska, literatura amerykańska, crime novel, the beginning of the crime novel, history of literature, English literature, American literature


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