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Seeking the H Zone: How we mix media messages to create compatible community in the emerging papyrus society

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

agenda setting, agenda community, vertical media, horizontal media, audiences, public citizens

Agenda setting, priming, framing – TV news in Poland during election campaigns 2005 and 2007. Comparative analysis

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

agenda setting, framing, priming, media agenda, public agenda, political agenda

Media effects in a transitional society: Setting the political agenda in the Kosovo elections of 2007

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

agenda-setting, Kosovo elections, East European media, media effects, political communication

Local media and the “political brand”: Candidates attributes portrayed on local media and their consequences on public perceptions

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

personalization, political brand, electoral campaigns, attribute agenda-setting, local media

Setting students’ professional agenda in the classroom

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

communication, agenda-setting, university, education and lecturer

Public Service Broadcasting in Latvia: Old images, new user needs and market pressure

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

public service broadcasting (PSB), post-communist transformation, media policy, political influence

Mission (im)possible. The case of Lithuanian Public Service Broadcasting

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

audiovisual media, public service, Lithuanian Radio and Television, management, funding

Danish Public Service Broadcasting in transition: From monopoly to a digital media environment – a shift in paradigms

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

public service broadcasting, media policy, media institutions, digital media

Multimedia development of PSBs: A challenge for the Nordic Media Systems

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, public service broadcasting, media policy, Internet, digital media, multimedia

Public relations and strategic management: Institutionalizing organization – public relationships in contemporary society

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

strategic management, publics, relationships, reputation, digital media

Reconsidering contemporary public relations: Theoretical engagement of practitioners in a communication society

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

public relations theory, public relations practice, professional public relations, types of practitioners, image of public relations

Public relations in society. A new approach to the difficult relationships between PR and its environment

AbstractPobierz artykułPobierz artykuł

system theory, legitimacy, reference group

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