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Motivación y esfuerzo cognitivo en la fraseología idiomática

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phraseology, motivation, idiomacity, comprehension, learnig, cognition

Wpływ tytułu na zakres i  trwałość przyswajanej wiedzy z  tekstów edukacyjnych

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second language acquisition, reading comprehension, teaching experiment, know­ledge acquisition, cognitivism

„Rozterki” Jana Kochanowskiego i pewność siebie polonistów

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methodology of teaching Polish language and literature, reading comprehension, textbook, historical semantics

The Relationship between Ambiguity Tolerance and Success in Reading Comprehension in a Foreign Language

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ambiguity tolerance, reading comprehension, making predictions, skimming, scanning, success in foreign language learning

Rekursion und syntaktische Komplexität im Lichte der psycho-und neurolinguistischen Forschung


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Rekursion, syntaktische Komplexität, Satzverarbeitung, Satzverstehen, recursion, syntactic complexity, sentence processing, sentence comprehension


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