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Tabloidowe nagłówki — retoryka i obraz rzeczywistości

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rhetoric, tabloid, headlines, content analysis

The natural framing of military conflict news. The 2008 war in Georgia in Resonance, Izvestia and The New York Times

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content analysis, media coverage, conflict, Russia, Georgia, newspapers

Regional — national — supranational. How the German press covers election campaigns on different levels of the political system

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Germany, election campaigns, election coverage, political system, political communication, quantitative content analysis

Other-projected environmental image: A conceptual framework

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conceptual framework, deductive content analysis, environmental image, generic frames, inductive framing analysis

Zeszyty Prasoznawcze (1958–2013). An outline of the structure, content and social features of the quarterly

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scientific periodicals, press research, journalism, Zeszyty Prasoznawcze, OBP (Press Research Centre), content analysis, factor analysis

Audiovisual political advertising in communication strategies of Polish political parties: The case of the parliamentary campaign in 2011

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audiovisual election advertising, election campaign, personalization, content analysis, political parties, communication strategy

Blessing or curse of the digital world — perceptions of online anonymity in Polish daily newspapers

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online anonymity, democracy, Poland, media, Internet, content analysis

Von Hexen und Zauberinnen in den frühneuzeitlichen Grünberger Hexenverhörprotokollen (1663–1665)


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Hexenverhörprotokolle, 17. Jahrhundert, Grünberg (Niederschlesien), semantisch- inhaltliche Analyse, lexikalische Untersuchung von Wortbildungen mit Stammmorphemen hex- und zauber-, witchcraft trial records, 17th century, Grünberg (Lower Silesia), semantic-content analysis, lexical investigation of word formations of the stem words hex- and zauber-

Gender inequality in sports press coverage: Based on the example of Gazeta Wyborcza in the years 2010–2013


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content analysis, press coverage, gender stereotypes, Gazeta Wyborcza, femininity

Media populism in Macedonia: Right-wing populist style in the coverage of the “migrant crisis”


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populism, migration, Macedonia, media, content analysis


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