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Crisis of the system of own resources of the European Union and proposals for the future

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financial autonomy of the EU, financial instruments of the EU, own resources system, reform of the budget, traditional own resources – TOR-, VAT resource, GNI resource, taxation principles, candidate for future own resource, problem of election of candidate, numeric valuation, modulated VAT, energy taxation, tax on the climate change, EU corporation income tax

Usługi w ogólnym interesie gospodarczym a wspólnotowe reguły konkurencji

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services on general economic interest, regulations, liberalisation of post and energy sectors, EC competition law

Risk perception and political alienism: Political discourse on the future of nuclear energy in Hungary

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nuclear energy, power relations, risk perception, discourse analysis

Budowanie właściwych wzorców żywieniowych u otyłego dziecka. Studium przypadku


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obesity, child, eating patterns, low energy diet

Captivity of mean-fi eld particle systems and the related exit problems

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Interacting particle system, propagation of chaos, exit time, nonconvexity, free energy, invariant probabilities

Ubóstwo energetyczne jako problem społeczny i sposoby jego rozwiązywania


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fuel poverty, sensitive recipient, energy, ubóstwo energetyczne, odbiorca wrażliwy, energetyka


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