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Czyn współukarany na przykładzie przestępstwa prania pieniędzy z art. 299 § 1 k.k.

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money laundering, acts of cooperation shown consequent, an act of cooperation shown prior, the benefit derived from the offence, an offence under Article 299 § 1 of the Criminal Code

Korzyści pochodzące z popełnienia czynu zabronionego i ich legalizacja

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proceeds from prohibited activity, money laundering, crime under Article 299 of the Criminal Code, economic crime

Can a “Lone wolf ” quasi-investigative journalist substitute low functionality of the law enforcement system?


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money laundering, undercover investigative journalism, anti-money laundering (AML), Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong

Anti-money laundering provisions in the light of EU directives

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EU Directive, money laundering, offense, anti-money laundering, AML

A few remarks on federal crime of money laundering in the Unites States


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money laundering, United States Code, federal crime, criminal liability, offence


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