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Global public goods, global regulation and development of transition economies – some remarks

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global public goods, global regulation, global financial infrastructure, global climate change, transition economies.

Efficiency of interaction of the government and business within the PPP

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public-private partnership, government role in national economy, public goods, interaction of public and private sectors, risk

Państwo w sektorze ochrony zdrowia

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economics of healthcare, healthcare policy, public goods, ekonomia ochrony zdrowia, polityka ochrony zdrowia, dobra publiczne

Dylematy ponowoczesnej rzeczywistości na przykładzie środowiska jako dobra publicznego

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public goods, the environment, public governance, global governance, environmental policy dilemmas, dobra publiczne, środowisko naturalne, zarządzanie publiczne (public governance), dylematy polityki ochrony środowiska

A Note on Collective Action, Cooperation, Collusion, and Voluntary Production of Public Goods

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collective action problem, public goods

Legal Polycentrism and Contractarianism


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Legal polycentrism, contractarianism, public goods, public choice, conceptual unanimity, institutional entrepreneurship


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