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Le trappole tese al traduttore polacco durante la traduzione di testi giuridici italiani e polacchi

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legal language, criminal proceedings, accused, Carofiglio

Social media in campaigning — citizens and politicians in the 2010 Swedish election

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political involvement, online participation, social media networks, internet use, personalized profiles, digital divide

On the way to dumbing down… The case of Central Europe

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Central Europe, Western Europe, foreign ownership, German publishing houses, entertainment journalism, EU enlargement, commercialization/tabloidization, “dumbing down”

Kryzys gospodarczy 2007–2010 w debacie ekonomistów

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Keynesian economists versus Neoclassical economists, causes of economic crisis, economics in crisis time, remedies for crisis, the role of the State in the modern economy, the future of Capitalism

Wpływ globalnego kryzysu finansowego pierwszej dekady XXI w. na sytuację finansową domów i biur maklerskich w Polsce

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hossa, bessa, investment firms, financial results of brokerage houses, economic crisis

Le traducteur et le dictionnaire bilingue. Équivalents de « za » spatial dans les dictionnaires polonais-français

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bilingual lexicography, Polish-French dictionaries, preposition entries, user’s needs

Zasada nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege i jej ograniczenia w orzecznictwie Europejskiego Trybunału Praw Człowieka

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European Court of Human Rights, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, rule of law, no punishment without law, Nuremberg clause, statutory lawlessness

Kondycja współczesnego polskiego reportażu

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reportage, publishing houses, schools of reportage, polyphonic novel

Typy wypowiedzi intonacyjnych w języku litewskim

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intonation system, intonation contours, intonation center, syntagmatic segmentation, pause, functional possibilities, representational, expressive (emotional), appelative, affect making, stylistic functions

La préposition za au sens temporel dans les dictionnaires généraux polonais-français

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bilingual lexicography, Polish-French dictionaires, prepositions entries, user’s needs

Писатели-эмигранты второй волны в американских письмах Нины Берберовой

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emigration, culture, literature, periodical(s), publishing house(s), way of life, aes­thetic and artistic values

Określenia nieostre i klauzule generalne jako wyraz elastyczności prawa podatkowego — zarys problematyki

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blurred definitions, general clauses, tax

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